Black Skin Black Flag Issue 2: Apartheid Continues! South Africa Then and Now


These Colours Don’t Run
Apartheid Continues! South Africa Then and Now

From the blurb:
All over the African continent former colonised peoples are still struggling with after affects of colonial racism. The following seeks to trace the long, arduous journey of South Africa’s indigenous people before, during and after the period of apartheid and asks are Black South Africans in fact better off since the end of apartheid period.

After a brief introduction in Part 1 to the different ethnic groups, Part 2 explains the different methods explained by the colonisers to destroy the existing social fabric of the indigenous peoples and force them to work for the colonial government or for white employers. Part 3 explains colonial psychology and the racist attitudes prevalent among settler communities. Part 4 describes some of the practical implications of apartheid legislation for African peoples. Part 5 looks at the relationship between the apartheid system and capitalism and uncovers some clear tensions between the two. Part 6 tries to explain some of the after effects and psychological legacy for Black South Africans of nearly 400 years of white domination. Part 7 takes a look at the role and effects of free capitalism on South Africa and concludes that Black South Africans were better off under apartheid than they are now under capitalism. In other words even apartheid is a more equitable system of wealth distribution when compared to capitalism.

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