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Sex Worker Solidarity Sticker Pack


Set of 5 stickers

  1. Image of Janet Mock in the background with the quote “I know sex work to be work. It’s not something I need to tiptoe around. It’s not a radical statement” in dark red text on the top

  2. Image of a red umbrella on a white background with the words “Fuck SESTA, Fuck FOSTA, DECRIM NOW” written in black ink

  3. SWARM: Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement logo on white background

  4. Image of red umbrella on white background with the words “End Violence Against Sex Workers December 17th” written on top

  5. SEX WORK IS WORK, DECRIM NOW written in black ink on a red background

December 17th marks the international day to end violence against sex workers: http://www.december17.org/

This year we are releasing this sticker pack in solidarity with sex workers and to raise money for SWARM: Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement. All money raised from the sale of these stickers will go to the group. To read about the work they do or to donate more this December 17th, see here: https://www.swarmcollective.org/

Stickers are being printed and will be sent out from Friday 21st December 2018.

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SWARM sticker pack.jpg