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Sister Not Cister

Sister Not Cister T-shirt


“Support your sisters, not just your cis-ters”

Sister Not Cister logo on black t-shirt. Comes in various sizes.

All money raised goes directly to Sister Not Cister UK: an organisation who are angry with the recent rise of anti-trans feminism! “We strongly condemn the actions and doctrines of the Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs). This strain of feminism recently gained notoriety due to their problematic opposition of the proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (these reforms proposes to allow trans and non-binary people to self-declare their gender without, as is the case now, going through humiliating legal and medical process). This law could help to make the lives of a highly discriminated against minority easier. TERFs however claim that the aim of the proposed law change is a threat to cis women.”

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